... and it was so.

for four voices

... and it was so.


for four voices (SATB) or small choir


first performance

NOVA LUX - Elisabeth Howells (soprano); Jessica Haig (alto); Benjamin Gutsell (tenor); Nathan Harrison (bass) - at the Parish Church of St. Andrew & St. Teilo, Cardiff (UK) on 21 March 2015.



1 heaven earth. 2 earth darkness waters. 3 light: light. 4 light light darkness. 5 light Day, darkness Night. evening morning day. 6 firmament waters, waters waters. 7 firmament, waters firmament waters firmament: and it was so. 8 firmament Heaven. evening morning. 9 waters heaven: and it was so. 10 Earth; waters Seas. 11 earth earth: and it was so. 12 earth. 13 evening morning. 14 lights firmament heaven day night; seasons days: 15 lights firmament heaven light earth: and it was so. 16 lights; light day, light night. 17 firmament heaven light earth, 18 day night, light darkness. 19 evening morning. 20 waters earth firmament heaven.

22 waters seas, earth. 23 evening morning. 24 earth earth: and it was so. 25 earth. 26 sea, air, earth, earth.

30 earth, earth, life. 31 evening morning.

The Creation of Light Genesis Chapter 1 (ed. nathan j dearden)