2 lost songs

for oboe and string trio

2 lost songs



for oboe and string trio  

oboe / violin / viola / violoncello



written for Hebrides Ensemble and the 2018 CROSSROADS International New Music Festival

first performance

Hebrides Ensemble on 7 December 2018 at Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg (Austria)

programme note

i. bb. 1 – 69

ii. bb. 70 – 128

Our world is changing at an incomprehensible rate.

What would happen if the ancient forms of our music are lost in translation?

For this new piece I have worked in the shared - or certainly similar - ancient musical history of my own and the Hebrides Ensemble, with a play on reels and imagined / misremembered folk-tunes. Shifting the focus between clear gesture with 'sung' or realised melodies and the haze of time passing. Only the smallest vestiges of any 'national' style remaining.




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