ecstasy swept over me

for string trio

ecstasy swept over



for string trio

vln / vla / vc



first performance

Heath Quartet - Oliver Heath (violin); Gary Pomeroy (viola); Chris Murray (cello) - at Dartington Hall, Dartington International Summer School & Festival on Friday 26th August, 2016


programme note

for the Heath Quartet

“… the stillness brings such piece day warm, no wind, soft… heavenly

every tree can make it’s appropriate gesture to us nature needs from us a spring of suggestion and ideas that will never dry up

ecstasy swept over me as I heard my first blackbird singing.”

Extracts from Dorothy Elmhirst’s Garden Diaries

Dorothy Elmhirst (1887-1968) was an American-born social activist and philanthropist whom alongside her husband, Leonard Knight Elmhirst, renovated Dartington Hall and its gardens between 1925 up until her death in 1968, founded the Dartington Hall Trust, the Dartington Hall School, the Dartington College of Arts and the Dartington International Summer School. -njd

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