for large orchestra


(2014 - 15)

diptych for large orchestra 

3(1alto/1pic).3.3(1bcl).2(1cbn) / 4.3.3(1b.tbn).1 / 3 perc / pno / hp / str (minimum


Selected for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales Composition:Wales Project 2015, and recorded by the orchestra under the direction of Jac van Steen in March 2015.


programme note

for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales

> Haven> (ˈheɪv(ə)n), sb. [OE. Hæven str. fem. and Hæfne wk. fem; usu taken as f. root either of HAVE v. or HEAVE v., though possibly of ON. Haf, Da. Hav, OE. hæf sea.] [ … ] 2. fig. A refuge ; an asylum ME.

Constructed and coated in aluminium, Denys Robert Short’s sculpture Hafan (translated from Welsh as ‘Haven’ or ‘Home’), embodies the doorway of a typical valleys terraced house in Wales. The artist, Denys Short, described Hafan as: ‘… a sort of reward for all the people of the valleys who kept their terrace houses smart in spite of all the dirt, grime and disease that came from getting coal. A pearly gate special for colliers and their wives.’ Using this ‘gateway’ as a means for inspiration, this work for large orchestra explores each space that doorway alludes to; the inside and out. - njd