music that never ends

for viola and violoncello

music that never ends



for viola and violoncello

2' (minimum)


Written as part of the 2016-2017 Leverhulme Arts Scholarship Programme with the London Philharmonic Orchestra

first performance

New Music Collective at Windsor Building, Royal Holloway University of London (UK) on 26 October 2017

programme note

for Ralitsa and Leo

We [mankind] have very short memories.

As We continually strive for tomorrow, tomorrow will always present obstacles to upset the rhythm.

I have attempted to facilitate a space in which sound and silence work together in this work. Providing an inner balance and equality. Here the thirty counterpart cells each denote an article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). -njd

other version

This work can also be performed on any combination of solo instruments (maximum of four instruments). Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss alternate instrumentation.

score sample