national anthem [no. i]

for six pianos

national anthem [no. I]


for six pianos


Written as part of the Vale of Glamorgan International Festival of Music Peter Reynold’s Composer Studio

first performance

Grand Band (Vicky Chow, David Friend, Paul Kerekes, Blair McMillen, Lisa Moore, Isabelle O’Connell) on Monday 22nd May, 2017 at St. David’s Hall (Cardiff, UK)


programme note

anthem. n. ˈænθəm; anˈt həm. 1 An uplifting song associated with a group or a cause, especially one chosen by a country to express patriotic feelings. 2 a musical setting of a religious text to be sung by a choir during a church service. Derivative adj. anthemic Origin Latin, antiphona. Old English, antemne

This is not an uplifting song.

This is an anthem that explores the state of the nation. -njd

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