New Collaboration sponsored by #Vote100 Suffrage 2018

New collaboration between composer Nathan James Dearden and acclaimed flautist Carla Rees has recieved sponsorship from #Vote100 Suffrage 2018.

Over the coming year Nathan will work closely with Honorary Research Associate, Dr Carla Rees (Royal Holloway University of London, Royal College of Music; internationally-acclaimed flautist) on a project that marries famous speeches on matters of suffrage and enfranchisement with live music performance specially commissioned for the project (and directly relating to the speech inflections in the recording).

Through a series of pop-up events featuring Carla Rees, live raw/secondary recordings of speeches plus new works by students from the Royal Holloway University of London Department of Music, six speeches on matters concerning Human Rights, Equal Rights and LGBTQ+ Rights will be presented at Royal Holloway and taking the talent across the country in venues in Lincoln, Cardiff and central London. The speeches incorporated into this project include Eleanor Roosevelt (‘The Struggle for Human Rights; 1948), Emily Wilding Davison (Personal Account of being forcibly fed in Holloway Prison; 1912), Rory ‘Panti’ O’Neill (‘All the little things’; 2014), Elie Wiesel (‘The Perils of Indifference’; 1999) Elizabeth Nyamayaro (‘An invitation to men who want a better world for women’; 2015) and Martin Luther King (Honorary Doctorate Speech at Newcastle University; 1967).

The project will culminate in a late-night event at Royal Holloway University of London on 9 March 2018, as part of Suffrage 2018 events.