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Nathan selected for International contemporary music festival, CROSSROADS by Nathan James Dearden

Nathan is one of fifteen composers from across the world who has been selected to be featured at the 2018 CROSSROADS International Contemporary Music Festival.

15 selected composers have been invited to compose for and participate in the Crossroads Festival and its events, held at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg on 6-8th of December, 2018. Nathan has been paired to write a new oboe quartet for the Hebrides Ensemble, an ensemble which has established itself as one of the foremost chamber music collectives based in the UK.


CROSSROADS aims to promote international cooperation between composition, and contemporary music performance students from different countries. Its main goal is to create an opportunity for young artists to learn from each other, to get to know different cultures and to build international relationships.

This year the Festival is interconnected with the 60th Anniversary of the Studio for Electronic Music of Mozarteum University of Salzburg. This connection has set the focus of the Festival to be electro-acoustic and electronic music. The program will feature composers as Javier Torres Maldonado, Francois Bayle, Barry Truax, Jean-Luc Hervé, Curtis Roads and Elian Radigue, performed by ensembles Dedalus, Hand Werk, Enssle-Lamprecht, Hebrides Ensemble, Platypus and NAMES. CROSSROADS also aims strongly for contemporary music education: four lectures will be held about various issues on composing and working with ensembles.

Nathan James Dearden is now featured on the Sound and Music's British Music Collection by Nathan James Dearden

Nathan has created a profile on Sound and Music's British Music Collection and joind over 3000 British composers on this valuable platform.

About the British Music Collection

The British Music Collection has itself been on a transformational journey since its inception in a room just off Oxford Street in 1967, when it began life as part of the British Music Information Centre - a drop-in centre where users could go to see, hear and research 20th century British contemporary classical music, and network with other composers.

Under Sound and Music’s stewardship, the British Music Collection’s aims are clear: to preserve and showcase the UK's rich and evolving musical heritage, to develop its online presence, and to encourage new composers to join – making it a living and breathing archive, and a space and place for new music discovery with a growing composer community.

The physical collection has been housed since 2011 at the University of Huddersfield, and since 2015 within the University’s state of the art archive centre Heritage Quay (winner of the ‘Buildings That Inspire’ category in the Guardian University Awards in 2016). Here, members of the public can access over 40,000 scores, 21,000 recordings and a wide variety of artefacts including books, letters, photographs, vintage concert programmes and vinyl LPs.

‘The University is delighted to celebrate this significant anniversary and to continue supporting composers to add to this important collection, as well as making it freely available for use by the public as well as academic researchers.’ – Prof Tim Thornton, Deputy Vice, Chancellor University of Huddersfield

Over 2,000 people per month also visit the British Music Collection online, where Sound and Music has developed the range and richness of content as well as inviting guest curators to share their journeys of musical exploration.

From Delia Derbyshire to Matthew Herbert, from Ralph Vaughan Williams to Samantha Fernando, the British Music Collection showcases a wide and brilliant array of British composers and with hundreds of fascinating stories – but there are big parts missing in its narrative!

Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive of Sound and Music, said: “One of the ambitions of #BMC50 is to work with our growing community to draw out and expand a wider range of diverse voices, and challenge received ideas about the history of 20th century musical development. We have already done an example of this in March 2017, when we highlighted the lack of female representation within the British Music Collection, and we’ve also had some brilliant curation from Julie Kjaer, Sarah Sayeed and Ailís ní Ríain. This feels like creatively fascinating and important work for us, and the 50th anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to explore this more deeply.”

To view the website or to create your own profile, please CLICK HERE.

New work featured at Vale of Glamorgan Festival of Music by Nathan James Dearden

Nathan James Dearden has been selected as a featured young composer in this year's Vale of Glamorgan Festival of Music.

Selected to take part in the first Peter Reynolds Composer Studio, the young composers have the opportunity to work with the festival's artists and showcase their music in one of Britain's finest new music festivals.

They will benefit from an exciting few days of workshops, seminars, one-to-one sessions with visiting composers and attendance at rehearsals and concerts.

In each module there will also be an opportunity for composers to hear a read-through and archival recording of a short work played by ensembles who are taking part in the Festival. These sessions are open to the public.

Works by Nathan Dearden, William Marsey, Lucy McPhee and David Roche can be heard at St. David’s Hall on Monday 22nd May at 2.00pm performed by Grand Band from New York.

Works by Jordan Hirst, Anselm McDonnell, Sam Messer and Yfat Soul Zissocan be heard at Cardiff University School of Music on Friday 26th May at 2.30pm performed by the Marsyas Trio.

The Composer Studio has been named in celebration of the festival's friend and colleague Peter Reynolds who passed away suddenly at the end of last year. Peter was a highly original composer whose works display a huge depth of knowledge of musical literature. He was not only highly informed but had a unique artistic perspective as well. He had a long connection with the Vale of Glamorgan Festival and at the time of his death was working on a special commission for the 2017 Festival of a car horn fanfare.

The Vale of Glamorgan Festival of Music is a contemporary music festival based in and around the county of Vale of Glamorgan, Wales and held annually during May (formerly September). The festival was founded in 1969 by Welsh composer John Metcalf, who is the Artistic Director to this day.

After initially being a generic classical music festival, the Vale of Glamorgan Festival re-defined its artistic vision in 1992 to become a "festival of living composers". Since then it has gained a reputation as one of the most adventurous and unique in Great Britain.[In recognition of this position, the Vale of Glamorgan Festival received the Prudential Award in 1994. The Festival’s Artistic Director received one of four inaugural Creative Wales Ambassador Awards from the Arts Council of Wales in 2009.

For more information about the festival, please CLICK HERE.

royal Holloway composers featured at International Young Composers' Meeting by Nathan James Dearden

Current Postgraduate Research Scholar Nathan James Dearden and Royal Holloway Alumnus Vasileios Filippou (2011-2014) are currently attending the 23rd International Young Composers Meeting in The Netherlands.

In collaboration with the Gaudeamus Muziekweek, the International Young Composers Meeting is hosted by the innovative orchestra, orkest de ereprijs. orkest de ereprijs is the leading ensemble for new music in the eastern Netherlands. The group has made a name for itself both at home and abroad, initiating new projects, often in co-operation with other disciplines, on both a local and international level. The strength of the orchestra is its approach to new music, introducing audiences to high-quality contemporary music while preserving its accessibility to the general public.

Through a series of lectures, seminars, concerts and excursions, the selected composers will present their work in a final concert with orkest de ereprijs (directed by Wim Boerman). This year's meeting will be directed by esteemed composers such as Martijn Padding, Richard Ayres, Joe Cutler, Mayke Nas and Christopher Trapani.

With over 100 applications received by orkest de ereprijs, the fifteen composers selected are alongside Nathan and Vasileios are: Paul Zaba (UK), Ali Can Puskulcu (USA), Nina Fukuoka (Japan), Jjimena Maldonado Alvarez (Mexico), Elisabeth Angot (France), Piyawat Louilarpprasert (Thailand), Ryan Lindveit (USA), Ryan Probert (UK), Monika Szpyrka (Poland), Szymon Stanisław Strzelec (Poland), Aya Yoshida (Japan), Patrick Giguere (Canada), Blanka Stachelek (Poland) and Harm Roche van Tiddens (South Africa).

Their new works 'we cannot let this stand' (Dearden) and 'Swash' (Filippou) will be premiered on Friday 17th February, 2017 at Podium Gigant (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands).