qui creavit caelum


for SATB choir (divided)


First Performance

Harmonia Sacra; Peter Leech (cond.) at the Church of St. Thomas the Martyr, Bristol (UK) on 27 November 2016



Qui creavit caelum, Lully, lully, lu, Nascitur in stabulo By, by, by, by, by, Rex qui regit seculum Lully, lully, lu. Joseph emit paniculum Lully, lully, lu, Mater involvit puerum By, by, by, by, by, Et ponit in praesepio Lully, lully, lu. Inter animalia Lully, lully, lu, Jacent mundi gaudia By, by, by, by, by, Dulcis super omnia Lully, lully, lu. Lactat mater Domini Lully, lully, lu, Osculatur parvulum By, by, by, by, by, Et adorat Dominum Lully, lully, lu. Roga mater filium Lully, lully, lu, Ut det nobis gaudium By, by, by, by, by, In perenni gloria Lully, lully, lu. In sempiterna saecula Lully, lully, lu, In eternum et ultra By, by, by, by, by, Det nobis sua gaudia Lully, lully, lu.

after The Song of the Nuns of St. Mary’s, Chester (15th Century)