two national anthems: it's not working


for piano quintet, flexible ensemble and 3 speakers

vln.i / vln.ii / vla / vc / pno / flexible ensemble / 3 speakers



First Performance

Mary Dullea (piano), Tippett Quartet (John Mills, violin i; Jeremy Isaac, violin ii; Lydia Lowndes-Northcott, viola; Bozidar Vukotic, cello) and musicians of Royal Holloway University of London on Wednesday 7th June, 2017 at King’s Place (London)


work written with and inspired by Selina Nwulu's Foreign (2016)

with permission from Selina Nwulu

programme note

anthem. n. ˈænθəm; anˈt həm. 1 An uplifting song associated with a group or a cause, especially one chosen by a country to express patriotic feelings. 2 a musical setting of a religious text to be sung by a choir during a church service. Derivative adj. anthemic Origin Latin, antiphona. Old English, antemne

These are a set of anthems that explores the state of a nation.

Both anthems explore matters of our ‘everyday’. What we hear around us. What decisions we are faced with. The lies. The truths. The obstacles that are placed in our path. The methods we take to negotiate these obstacles. -njd

score sample